Radical (Drum) Roll (Please)

Foodies of the West Village,  we give you: The Radical Roll.

Named for our friends at Radical Media, it begins with fresh lobster from Maine & Canada. We bathe it in butter, add a little lemon, a little spice. We spread a teensy bit of mayo on a lightly toasted hot dog bun and that’s it.  That’s how we roll.  How we lobster roll.

We’ll be serving it Tuesday-Thursday during the summer. But come early, Villagers. It’s gonna sail out of here like Trofeo SAR Princess Sofia MAPFRE in the  third event of the ISAF Sailing World Cup:

Better Being Underground

Open noon-4pm

June 15 2010


Two Tomato & Avocado Gazpacho

Avocado Cucumber w/Spicy Croutons


Grilled Free Range Chicken Chop Caesar Salad

Salad Wedges w/Tomatoes, Bleu Cheese w/Ranch Dressing & Bacon Bits

Hearts of Palm, Mandarin Oranges, Sunflower Seeds & Miso Orange Dressing


Wild Basmati Coconut Pilaf w/Golden Beets & Edamame

Penne Pasta w/Roasted leeks & Garlic Scape Pesto


The Radical Roll: Sweet Maine Lobster w/Lemon Butter on Toasted Potato Bun

The Technicolor: Roasted Golden Beets w/Feta, Peppadew Relish, Cilantro Pepita Pesto, Arugula & Tomatos on Flauta Bread

Homer’s Odyssey: Free-range Chicken Gyro w/Tzatziki & Feta

The Black Spur: Seared Sirloin w/Truffled Mushrooms & Gorgonzola on Rosemary Focaccia

The Deluxe: Free Range Chicken Club w/bacon & Avo on White Pullman

The Monte Cristo: Antibiotic-free Ham & Turkey, Swiss & Cranberry Jalapeno Jam on Brioche

The Producer: Curried Tofu Wrap w/Mango & Jicama

The Highline: Grilled Balsamic Free Range Chicken, Roasted Red Pepper & Peppercorn Mayo

The Margherita: Tomato, Basil & Fresh Mozzarella on Bianca Bread


One thought on “Radical (Drum) Roll (Please)

  1. Yes, this is the one and only “Sean” the guy who has become the first to eat 9 Radical Rolls and got the 10th one for free. I’d like to thank all my co-workes who watched me eat each and every Radical Roll. I’d also like to point out to all the non-believers that said it could not be done….well it could be!

    And now a moment of silence to all those lobsters out there that had to put their life on the line for my great accomplishment!

    Now to erase the black board and move on to the next 10!


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