So much newness

You asked for it, West Village: The Better Being Burger is back! Round two sees this bad boy a little more compact, a little more manageable, still frickin’ delish. It’s the Smokey 2.0, y’alls.
(pic coming)
We got Green Chili Mac n Cheesemac
This Salad
: Chimmichurri Steak w/Carmelized Onions, Arugula & Rosemary
Focaccia Croutons 12.99steak saladLight and healthy front: Chickpeas, Tomato & Feta 5.99
and if you’re Thursday wasn’t already complete, Chicken Chili Verde!!! 4.50/6.50chicken chili
Today’s Menu
AVo Toast w/Side Salad 9.99avocado
Hand-Cut Pepper Fries w/Citrus mayo & Sesame Ketchup 6.00fries

Green Chile Mac & Cheese 4.50/6.99MAC
Fire Roasted Tomato 3.99/5.99fire roasted tomato
Curried Lentil w/Dried Cherries and Fresh Cilantro 3.99/5.99curried lentil soup
Roasted Cauliflower 3.99/5.99
Grilled Wild Salmon, Greens, Edamame, Shiitakes, Pickled Ginger Vin 14.50salmon
Warm Moroccan Pulled Chicken, Arugula, Radish, Tomato,Lebneh 11.99morroccan chicken saladMarinated Kale, Brussels Sprouts, Squash, Walnuts, Shallot Vin 10.99kale salad
The Smokey:
Smoked Sirloin Burger w/Caramelized Onion, Tomato Confit, Mustard Seed Remoulade on Toasted Brioche 11.99 (add Bacon $1.50) (add Swiss $1.50)smokey
The Spokey: 
Spicy Black Bean Veggie Burger w/Smokey Tomato Chutney,
Chipotle Mayo, Avocado 10.99Spokey veggie
The Sam Tarly: Balsamic marinated Chicken, Carmelized Onions, Arugula, Tomato,
Chipotle mayo: 10.99
Fu Man chew: 
Korean BBQ Free Range Chicken, House kimchi, Sriracha Mayo, Cibatta: 10.99
The Charro: Seared Chimmichurri Flank Steak, Carmelized Onions, Arugula,
Rosemary Focaccia 11.99

The 940 Club: 
Chimichurri Roasted Chicken BLT w/Avocado 10.99940 avenue club
The Za’atar: Moroccan BBQ Pulled Chicken, Lebneh, Radish, Flatbread 10.99zaatar
The Nuyorican: Sofrito Chicken, Avo,Plantain,Peppercorn Mayo Wrap 9.99nuyoricanThe Squashbuckler: Squash, Kale, Manchego, Pickled Onion 10.99squashbuckler
Veggie Nuyorican: Sofrito Black Bean, Plantain, Peppercorn Mayo, Avo 9.99
danec 5
The St Luke: Fried Buttermilk Battered Murray’s Chicken, Pickles, Brioche Bun
w/Chipotle or Rosemary Horseradish Mayo 9.99st. lukeSweet
Cracked Sugar Cookies 3.99
sugar cookie
Double Chocolate Cookies 3.99

Banana Cake w/Brown Butter Frosting 3.99banana cake
Chocolate Revel Bars 3.50Chocolate-Revel-Bars2010_16Chocolate Quinoa Cake @eatunderground


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