Save the date

Better Being, Inc and request the pleasure of your company Thursday, July 17 5-7pm mjz
Margaret Zox Brown; Fruit, Figures and Flowers. Join us for wine and nibbles, art and 
conversation @Better Being 940 (9th ave and 40th) watermelonToday’s Menu
Hand Cut Fries w/2 dips 6.00
Spicy Noodles w/Sautéed Broccolinni, Tofu & Scrambled Egg 6.99sasi's noodles

Coleslaw w/Cabbage, Apple, Poppy Seeds & Currants 4.99 cabbage-salad
Organic Quinoa w/Julienned Zucchini,Fried Shiitake, Watermelon Radishes 6.99quinoa Seven Grain Avocado Toast w/Side Salad 9.99 avocado
Gazpacho w/Pineapple Tomato Salsa 3.99/5.99gazpacho Salads
Arugula & Watermelon w/Heirloom Cherry Tomatoes, Feta, Balsamic Dressing 10.50 watermelon salad Warm Moroccan Pulled Chicken, mixed Greens, Arugula, Radish, Grape Tomato, Lebneh11.99morroccan chicken salad Grilled Salmon,Greens, Edamame, Crispy Shiitakes,Pickled Ginger Vin14.50 salmon Marinated Kale, Brussels Sprouts, Squash, Walnuts, Shallot Vin 10.99kale salad Sandwiches
The Lobster Tostada w/Avocado, Chives & Side Salad 16.99 (GF) tostada-1
The Po’ Girl: 
Fried Thai Basil Shrimp, Thai Chile Aioli w/Green Papaya & Red Onion Salad, Coconut Toasted Baguette 12.99 po girl The Radical Roll: Lobster w/Spicy Butter, Toasted Potato Hot Dog Bun 16.99 radical
The Steak Baja: 
Grilled Steak Tostada, Avocado Chipotle Mash, Pinto Bean Puree, Salsa Fresca, Pineapple Pepperoncinni Salsa, Cabbage, Cotija Cheese on Crispy Corn Tortillas 11.99 steak
The Highline:
Balsamic Cage Free Chicken, Bacon Jam, Arugula, Garlic Peppercorn Mayo, Rosemary Focaccia 10.99 highline 2.0.aspxThe Fu Man Chew: Korean BBQ Free Range Chicken, Kimchi, Sriracha Mayo on Whole Wheat Ciabatta 9.99fu man chew The Squaja: Sofrito Roasted Butternut Squash, Avocado Chiptole Crema, Pinto Bean Puree, Salsa Fresca,Cotija Cheese, Lime on a Tostada 9.99squaja The Bloomtown: Heirloom Tomato, Crispy Bacon, Romaine, Basil Mayo on Toasted 7 Grain 10.99HeirloomBLT The Squashbuckler: Butternut Squash, Manchego, Pickled Red Onion, Sautéed Kale 10.99 squashbuckler The Greenburger: Herbed Turkey Burger, Tomatillo, Crispy Leeks & Sweet Potato , Basil Mayo,Toasted EnglishMuffin11.99greenburger The St Luke: Fried Murray’s Chicken, Pickles, Brioche Bun w/ Chipotle or Rosemary Horseradish Mayo 9.99 st. luke The Nuyorican: Sofrito Braised Chicken, Plantain, Peppercorn Mayo, Avo 9.99nuyoricanSweets & Treats
Oatmeal White CHocolate Cranberry Cookies 3.99oat cranberry cookieRed Velvet Bars 3.50red velvet barsBanana Cake w/Brown Butter Frosting 3.75banana @eatunderground


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