Think Spring

Whether you’re into white chocolate bunnies or dark, matzoh or fish, guys or gals, it’s a really good Friday.

chocolate easter bunny my butt hurts funny picture

Drop by today to see our magical new St. Luke wrapper


And catch our own BB940 Chef Ingrid on ‘Chopped’ this Sunday!


Try the Coconut Water….
coco water

and have a spectacular week end West Village.

We deliver: 212-255-9155

Today’s Menu

Roasted Garlic, Spinach & Goat Cheese Mac & Cheese sm 4.50 lg 7.50
Spring Sweet Pea Quinoa w/Carrot, Lemon Zest, Spring Pea Vinaigrette 5.99

Puree of Sweet Pea 3.99/5.99

Curried Rutabega 3.99/5.99
zuchinni soup Salad
Marinated Kale w/Brussels Sprout, Butternut Squash, Walnuts & Shallot Vinaigrette 10.99
Grilled Salmon, Artichoke Hearts, Blood Orange, Fingerling Potato Confit, Shaved Fennel, Mustard Vinaigrette 12.99
Chicken & Pear w/Spinach, Endive, Dried Cranberry, Ricotta Salata & Cranberry Vinaigrette 10.99
pear Sandwiches
(includes bag of chips & a Pickle Guys pickle)
The St Luke: Buttermilk Fried Chicken, New Pickles, Brioche Bun w/Chipotle or Rosemary Horseradish Mayo 9.99
st. luke
The Nuyorican: Sofrito Braised Chicken Wrap w/Sweet Plantains, Peppercorn Mayo, & Avocado 9.99
The Smokey Robinson: Smoked Short Rib & Sirloin Burger, House Remoulade, ThickCut Bacon, Vermont Cheddar, Confit Tomato, Brioche Bun 13.99
smokey rob
The Jerk Fish: Jerk Grilled Tilapia, Pepperonata, Watercress, Jerk Habanero Mayo 10.99

The Cuban: Roasted Spiral Ham, Pulled Pork, Swiss, New Pickles & Mustard on Pressed Baguette 12.99
The Bella Burger: Portobello & Sundried Tomato Burger w/Feta, Worcestershire Mayo, Whole Wheat Bun 9.99
bella burger
The Baja: Chicken Tostada, Pineapple Pepperoncini Salsa, Black Beans, Lime, Queso & Salsa Fresca 9.99
steak baja
The Slumdog Millionaire: Curried Chicken w/Spinach, Cilantro, Mint, & Red Onion on Pressed Naan 9.99
The Po Girl: Fried Sustainable Laughing Shrimp w/Thai Chili Aioli, Green Papaya Salad, Coconut Toasted Baguette 11.99
po girl
Sweets & Treats:
Peanut Butter Rice Krispie Treats 2.99
peanut butter rice krispy

Lemon Bars 3.50
Oreo Brownies 2.99
oreo brownie

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